Brawl Busters Preview

Brawl Busters is a 3D action fighting MMO developed by Weezor and published by Rock Hippo Productions. Graphic style of the game is very similiar to Team Fortress 2 or Micro Volts (same publisher as for Brawl Busters). The only diference between Micro Volts and Brawl Busters is that there is almost no gun in Brawl Busters (only firefighter has has some gun). The game is in CBT (closed beta) and you require a key to play it, we got one and decided that will upload 5 gameplays for each class. From today till 25th August we will every day upload one gameplay. I as writer of this text played both Micro Volts and Brawl Busters, MV gets boring after sometime, but this game dont and I think the reason is that game is more tactical its faster with more action and it doesnt matter if you are playing in team with higher levels, cause if opposite team play like team with tactic you will be “raped”.


Slugger – Smack opponents with your bat, or send three baseballs their way with one swing. Special Attack charges up and sends one powerful baseball.

Firefighter – Spray nearby opponents with flames, or shoot out grenades. Special attack creates a temporary barrier in front of the Firefighter.

Rocker – Slap opponents with your electric guitar, or shoot out lighting from its tip. Special Attack is point blank area of effect burst.

Boxer – Punch opponents or charge at them first-first. Special Attack shoots out 5 rays, hitting everything in front of the Boxer in a large arc.

Blitzer – Pummel opponents with your fists, or strike the ground immediately in front of you for heavy damage. Special Attack launches the Blitzer forward a fair distance where he strikes the ground dealing area of effect damage.

Look at the trailer and few screenshots:

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