REVIEW: Tropico 4


Name: Tropico 4

Genre: Business Strategy

Developer: Haemimont

Publisher: Kalypso Media

Release Date: 30 August 2011


For the fourth time we are playing as El Presidente, yep Tropico 4 is out. The game main menu and interface didnt changed so much from Tropico 3. You have tutorial, campaign, extra missions and sandbox. Tutorial is for beginners that are playing Tropico for the first time and if you are veteran of this game or you played it before than you can try campaign. In Tropico 4 Campaign has 20 new missions on 10 maps, first missions are of course boring but as you progressing to the last missions it will be more interesting and fun to play. Sandbox is some kind of free play, where you choose your island or just generate some random, after that you must choose the El Presidente from Fidel Castro to Che Guevara. When you finished with campaign or you just want to try and see how game works sandbox is the best, it’s still fun and it offers a lot of hours to play


graphical game look awesome on high with full resolution and game is very good optimized. No lag as you zoom in or zoom out like in some other strategy game or some similiar game. The historic persons like Fidel or Che are very well designed when you zoom in to them they face are remind on them, its not 100% but its good. Shadows and textures are very good done, the water looks very realistic with sun reflection beautifull, you fill like you are there. All in all graphically games look awesome since this is not FPS or some other more “popular” genre, graphics (our opinion) is not so important in strategy games or tycoon games.


As we said campaign has 20 missions on 10 maps, 20 buildings including Stock Exchange, SHopping Mall, Aqua Park and Masouleom to El Presidente are just one of the important new buildings. New disasters are here of course to destroy you island empire: volcanoes, droughts, tornadoes. Council of Ministers are council of very careful chosen persons that will support you and your decisions no matter how much they are controversial or not. Global Agenda, a implement of Twitter and Facebook. One special feature only for PC version of game is screenshot gallery. One of the most important new things is trading system, now what you produce you can export it and of course you can import something that you need.


Tropico and El Presidente are still alive. The series is just getting better with new games, but in the same time its getting boring, no matter how many new things are implemented in the game its almost same game with improved graphics and some new things and its only question of time when will Tropico become the boring game with no revolution changes. Games like Tropico that gameplay didnt changed since 2001 year (release year of first Tropico) will become boring, gamers are changing as they needs and strategy genre is not so popular in this new as it was, when AoE, EE and other great strategy was released in late 90’s and in the beginning of this century. For now Tropico is fun, great game, with better graphics and feel that none can harm you on your own island

FINAL SCORE: 8.5/10 

We had some tehnical problems so we will put the random gameplay from youtube:

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