Name: New Star GP

Genre: Indie game

Developer: New Star Games

Publisher: New Star Games

Players: 1 – Multiplayer

We are grateful to Simon Read who gave us free copy for reviewing.


New Star GP is game made by New Star Games or should we say Simon Read, we already reviewed NSS 5 one of the best indie game. Before starting game you can choose from some kind launcher resolution and few more options. Game doesn’t have so many modes only three: Career, Quick Race and Online mode. We must say that we are little disappointed, cause we thought that we will be able to try online mode, but when we enter it, there is only us and none else. In quick race you choose what track you will drive and what driver. Career mode is the best to play, cause you can make your driver name it and choose any team you want, cause license you will not find real names of drivers and teams.

Start Screen of the game


The start screen in career mode is well design and you can find everything easily, maybe there aren’t so many option like in NSS 5, but still it has something. You have these options:Casino, Finances, Teams, Track & leaderboard. Finances is something like shop in NSS 5, where you can see how much money do you have and from there you can choose what to buy. You can buy either cars or properties. In teams screen you can see your stats and stats of second driver in the team and team stats for this season. In track and leaderboards you can upload lap times the fastest lap time that you made on any track and you can see who has fastest time. And last option is Casino, for us this option is not unlocked we don’t know why, but the name says what can you there, you can gamble.

Career start screen

Track and leaderboard


For every race you can practice from Monday till friday, in saturday its qualifying and on Sunday its race. The view is top-down, it’s very easy to drive with that view and if you are having problems with it you have radar or map of the track to see how does it looks. Before every exiting from pit stop you must choose how much fuel will you have, what type of tyre you will have, after you done all that you are ready for driving. In down left corner you can see the red bar, green bar and that last bar we don’t know what is it. The red bar shows you how much your car is damaged and green bar shows you how much fuel left and every time before pit stop the message will pop up with information for how much laps you have fuel so you can decide to stop or continue. The engine of the game some how is realistic and why is that you ask yourself? Well it’s not maybe like in other racing arcade game where you can drive without braking and that stuff, but here you must drive in right lane break in the right time, driving in the rain with dry tyres is not difficult, but you will be slower. In the end if you drive better everyone will be happier, but if you drive bad none will be happy and in this game you have happiness of boss, friends… so again you need to balance those options.

In game screen and pit stop options


I as gamer like to try indie games, cause you have fun with it and if you buy a copy of game than you will help the developers to try to make even better game and maybe one day they will make some serious game from which they will have profit. Simon Read and team from New Star Games made great job by developing sports game, especially NSS series which is very popular, this game is great, its not maybe in the top of indie games, but you don’t see so many serious indie racing games. We are little disappointed that we couldn’t review the multiplayer, cause it would be a special section in review and cause that this review is little short, but it doesn’t matter. And we are little disappointed with lack of content and maybe game modes, I think they could copy/paste some contents from NSS, but even with this you will play this game for a long time and you will have fun with it. Enjoy!


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