REVIEW: New Star Tennis


Name: New Star Tennis

Genre: Indie game

Developer: New Star Games

Publisher: New Star Games

Players: 1

We are grateful to Simon Read who gave us free copy for reviewing.


If you read our latest review of New Star GP, you know that we were little dissapointed how New Star GP lack contents, the same situation is with New Star Tennis. We think online mode would be good a tournament mode too, but if developers wants to focus only on carrer of player than its ok. Beside Carrer mode there is only quick match if you can call it a game mode. When you press new game you are on creation screen, where you obvisouly create your player. Write your name, choose nationality, choose color of hair, skin and height. After that you come to main screen in carrer mode. We find the screen very similiar to NS GP and NSS 5. Here you have few options: sponsors, calendar, rankings. In sponsors later you can choose sponsors in six category: shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, sweatbands, racquet. The next option is calendar where you can find all tournaments from the first and last in the season, after you finish some tournament you can see your results by clicking on it in calendar. In rankings you can see ranking of you and other players like ATP list, just without real player names. Planner is one of the most important in this game. With it you can organise what will you do every week, will you train, go shooping, karting, or go on training or tournament. With every action you lose your energy and be careful to not lose too much energy before the tournament.

Career Mode Main Screen


Controls are one aspect of game that can be better. Controling player by keyboard is logical, but maybe some testing with keyboard and mouse would be great. If you ever played Top Spin 2 you know that game use keyboard to shoot the ball and with mouse you are moving player and choosing in which direction you should shoot the ball. I think this other system would be better, but keyboard is good too. You can play game with gampad too. On trainings and matches you will find hard to serve, move your player and choose direction of your shoot, but after few matches you will get used to controls. The difficulty in the game depends on opponent skill not on difficulty you choose and I think this is good system, cause you start as 15 year old player and with no skill so you will probably lose every match untill you get some skill. In options you can choose lenght of the set and how many sets you will play, if you have time we recomend 3 sets 6 gems and if you wanna play quick matches than choose 1 set and 4 or 5 sets.


After we already played two sports indie game by same developer we expected another good game and we got it, but its not so good as previous two. Again lack of content dissaopinted us a lot and controls a little bit, but whole idea of carrer mode is good and its developed good. With planner players need to think what to do, you need to balance between skill, energy and tournaments. Again key word is balance. All in all New Star Tennis is great tennis indie game or great sport indie game. Its like Top Spin in indie games. There is a lot of space to make even better version of game like NST 2 if that happen at all. We recomend this cheap game not only to indie games fans, but to everyone that like fast and fun games.


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