REVIEW: Football Manager 2012


Name: Football Manager 2012

Genre: Manager Simulation

Developer: Sports Interactive

Publisher: SEGA

Players: 1 – Multiplayer

We are grateful to SEGA, Sports Interactive and Matt from SI forum for making this review possible, thank you guys 😀


Where to start, this year or this season FM gets 800 new features. Ability to add/remove nations to your saved game, team report is totally changed, 3D match is now improved the most since first showcase in FM 09 and of course maybe the best new feature is tone system. Add/remove feature was something that community wanted few years and SI implemented it. This is great for PC with low configuration that can run only 2-3 leagues on medium database or large, cause they can add their regular leagues and later if they want to add some other league than they will remove the league that they want and performance of the game will still remain same. 3D match has been improved the most or the best this year since first appearing in FM 09. Graphics are now better, ball movement too, the player animations are more realistic and there are 100 more new animations. The crowd is now not reacting when you score goal getting up from their seats, fans now have flags that they wave, flares,scarf. Seats are now looking real. All this has contribute to atmosphere while watching the game. Team Report is old/new feature, team report is totally changed. Team Report is now more detailed where you can find squad depth, team compassion, tactic analysis and much more. Squad Depth is now divided on strength overview and position strength. In strength overview you can see three best players for each position in the team and in position strength you can see every player that can play on that position you choose and rating.


Now about feature that totally changed team talk, private chat, relationship with players and moral. We all know how private chats and team talks can be sometimes frustrating cause lack of options, SI decided to changed that by adding the tone system. How tone system works? For the example if you are having team meeting (new feature too) you can choose tone of your voice and what will you say, you can choose from six tones: aggressive, assertive, passionate, calm, cautious, reluctant. When you say something on the right side in team meeting you can see the list of players their starting moral, overall morale, morale, body langauge and squad status, after you say something you will see did their morale dropped or it went up and how they react (body langauge). Be carefull what are you choosing, be carefull with what are you saying! Tactic screen is change a little bit too. You can edit tactic faster, on the left side you have match preparation in the middle you have team selection and ont he right side you have tactical field, above tactical field you can choose philosophy and strategy instead going to team instructions and you can edit player instructions for each player in tactical field, of course player and team instructions are separate. One of new features that we forgot to mention is shouts, now you can edit your shouts name it and use it in the match. Transfer centre is changed too, so you can search faster by adding filters and better look. Contract negations got new feature. If player agent put wage or something else higher than your club can pay, than you can lock it, for example agent want 500$, but your club can only give 350$, but agent doesnt want anything else less than 500$, in this situation its best to lock wage term and see will he accept or reject, sometimes it will work sometimes not, but anyway this is great feature and maybe makes contract negations easier.


Ah, what to say after another great FM game. I as reviewer must say that I never saw so good community and relationship between developers and players. This year SI made the most improved game since maybe FM 09 when they added 3D that was awful, but still it was big step to more realistic game. Again SI listened to their players and added some features that players thought it will improve game and it is. Tone system now makes team talk, private chats, team meetings more interesting with more options. Team Report makes choosing of tactic and squad much easier. Little changes in transfer centre made player searching or stuff faster and easier. Improved graphics of 3D, realistic crowd, their animations, flares made better atmosphere better. Now you can see how this relationship make game better. We recommend this game to players that never tried this game, but they saw some videos or screenshots and have some interest. One of the best FM games ever and manager games ever. Thank you SI for this great game.



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