Sunday Theme: End of WoW era?

In recent news, we published that World of Warcraft have lost more than 2 million subscribers. That is a big loss for Blizzard and to be more shocking, the most of the subscribers that stopped playing WoW are from China. Few people on other forums told us that our title of news is true or it starting to be true, cause WoW is losing his power and the latest expansion Mist of Pandaria shows that Blizzard doesn’t have more ideas than pandas. Crisis?

Lets talk about begging of WoW, it wasn’t first MMORPG game, but none till WoW made so popular game like Blizzard did. Why WoW became so popular? We think cause it was one of the first MMORPG and Blizzard had good marketing- advertising and hype was every day higher and higher. Blizzard spent 4-5 years to develop game and they hard work payout, cause WoW is one of the most profit games ever, with one of the most highest population in the game.WoW reached 15 million subscribers, but some people are saying that WoW had  15 million players. Most of them came from China more than 7 million.

In our first Sunday Theme we talked about F2P model of MMO games, is it a future? We think it is and that P2P will be only used by big companies like EA or Blizzard, but most of the developers and publishers will choose F2P model. Can WoW survive 2-3 years more on P2P? Well it can, but Blizzard than need to update game with better expansions and have better relationship with community, every year someone gossip about WoW transforming to F2P, but that will happen hard, cause we must say Blizzard wants more and more money, they don’t care if they will lose 2 million subscribes, untill there are still people playing and giving their money to Blizzard game will stay on P2P model. But what if they in future give some kind of F2P model or whole game transforms to F2P?

Surely it would be big news that every portal/forum (including us) would talk about for few days. Imagine on our portal title WoW F2P game or something like that? I and we in PCGN think that servers would crash first day of F2P and Blizzard will have hundreds of problems. After that game will not last forever, but it would be top game for next 10 years? We can’t predict that, but one thing we can WoW will shut down one day and that day new era of PC gaming and MMO gaming will start, a future of free games and better ones!

CONCLUSION: In the end we can be grateful to Blizzard and all people who started this whole idea of making an ultimate online game, with million players from all the world playing in one place and they did it, since than more and more developers are trying to make MMO games that will be better than WoW, but for 7 years none did that, but that moment is coming, everyone can feel it and last news about losing subscribes just confirms that. SWOTR and GW 2 will be next great MMO battle, we guarantee that. I as writer of this text never played WoW, but my friends did and almost every time they meet, they talk about WoW and its getting annoying. Enjoy while it lasts

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