Bad Steam update for GTA: SA

Ten years have passed since release one of the best games ever, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and game still gets updates.

This time Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Steam (read: PC) version of the game received updated, but bad one. Why bad? First of all, 17 songs are removed from the game, cause their license has expired.

List of songs:

“Critical Beatdown”

“Running Down A Dream”
“Woman To Woman”

Bounce FM
“You Dropped A Bomb On Me”
“Yum Yum”
“Running Away”

Radio Los Santos
“I Don’t Give A f*ck”
“Express Yourself”

Radio X
“Killing in the Name of”

K-Jah West
“Ring My Bell”
“Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”

Master Sounds 98.3
“Express Yourself”
“Rock Creek Park”
“Soul Power ’74”
“The Payback”

This was probably expected, cause mobile version of the game received this update first, than XBOX and now PC. This isn’t the first time Rockstar has removed songs from the Steam version of one of their games. A couple of years ago, they did the same thing with GTA: Vice City, temporarily taking the game off Steam in order to take out several tracks. Licensing issues were the cause there too, but Rockstar went about it in a slightly different way. People who bought the game before its temporary removal were allowed to keep the offending songs, and that doesn’t appear to be the case here.

Here is the things that update fixed or added:

– Adds support for XInput controllers (Xbox 360 controller)
– Makes “Steering with Mouse” enabled by default
– Removes several songs for all owners
– Removes several resolution options, including 1920×1080 (This was broken in the original version, then fixed in an update – now unfixed with this latest update)
– Loading a game save from the original version just starts a new game
– Occasional crashes during car explosions if another monitor is attached

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