Battle Supremacy new tank game

Battle Supremacy is a WWII themed tank battle game developed by Atypical Games who has released Camblers: Storm Raiders.

You will explore a fully-interactive open world in the game, and do it by land, air or sea. The gameplay is immersive and engaging that destroying a target can feel like winning the battle, but really it’s just the beginning. The game now is launched as EDITOR’S CHOICE on the AppStore. Take a try!


– Both the Single player and Online Multiplayer experiences feature incredible graphics and a stunning level of detail.

Battle Supremacy

– Unlock historically accurate tanks and take part in epic WWII campaigns across France, Russia and the Pacific islands. Lead your tank brigade to victory in over a dozen missions.

Battle Supremacy

– Upgrade vehicles, advance in rank and fight together with your brigade in the most intense online battles you’ve experienced.

Battle Supremacy

– Realistic weather and varied environments, like snowy mountains, European forests and tropical islands.

Battle Supremacy
Battle Supremacy
Battle SupremacyBattle Supremacy
Battle SupremacyBattle Supremacy

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