Get more exp in Planetside 2

Sony Online Entertainment today announced Holiday Events for their Planetside 2 shooter.

The event will run for two to three weeks “around the Holidays” and will add a new Holiday directive which SOE promises will be “light weight and easily completed” by those who are interested in doing so. It will also not be worth directive points. Here are the details so far:

  • Snowman kills directive will be updated for any squad members within range of the kill (including Golden Snowman kills)
  • Snowman kill XP will be partially shared with squad members (including Golden Snowman kills)
  • Snowmen currently only planned for Esamir
  • Last year’s Snowman rewards (title and hood ornament) will be reused for low-level directive rewards; higher tier rewards will be all new.
  • There will not be any special alerts

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