New train game, Trainz: A New Era

3V Games and Deep Silver have announced that Trainz: A New Era, the next incarnation of the ongoing rail simulator series, is coming to PC on February 27.

They’ve also released the first trailer for the game, with several members of the development team discussing the major changes longtime fans can expect.

This new trailer is more of a dev video diary really, and it covers the improved graphics and physics engines that N3V has added to the series. The game’s built on a new custom “E2” engine specifically designed for Trainz: A New Era.

Apparently the engine “will deliver more realistic graphics and a range of new features such as procedurally generated animated junctions and realistic train motion based upon track condition.” The developers have also released a list of key features in the new game, posted for your delectation below:

New graphics engine with full world shadows and per-pixel lighting

Real-time physics feedback and editing tools

Procedural animated spline junctions

Realistic cab sway and external train motion

Configurable control schemes

Multi-window support


In-game downloadable content system for both payware and freeware options

Access to over 250,000 free DLC items via The Download Station

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