Black Desert western release is getting closer

Black Desert’s western publisher, Daum Games, has opened its new office in Amsterdam, heralding the start of the western release of the hotly anticipated Korean MMORPG.

Having waited eagerly for any snippet of news regarding a western release of Black Desert, many potential players started to feel as though the visually stunning MMO may never make it over to the west, thus opting to hop in to one of many of the international releases with VPNs and English patches.

However, the news of Daum’s new European office brings a little more hope to western players, and they are apparently getting very close to releasing a testing schedule for the game which would mean it is right on track for a Beta launch in 2015.

What’s more, as a little further confirmation of this news, Daum are currently looking to hire a Web Designer in the Amsterdam area for Black Desert Online as founded on LinkedIn.

While we’re still waiting to hear further information on this, it is exciting news indeed to see Black Desert making steps towards its western release at last and we will be sure to update you on this when we know more. With Blade & Soul finally announcing concrete details for its NA and EU launch, we all remain hopeful that Black Desert will be the next to follow.


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