Syberia 3 to debut at Gamescom

The same developers, Microids, that brought us the first Syberia announced that the third game in the series will debut at Gamescom.

“Still guided by its author and artistic director, Benoit Sokal, the third episode of Kate Wlaker’s journey takes place adrift on a makeshift craft. By chance, the youkol caravan that she had come across in Syberia 2 finds her before she passes away.”

“Determined to run away from their common ennemy, Kate decides to help the nomads with their ancestral singular tradition: accompany the snow ostriches transhumance to the sacred steppes to breed. This adventure through charming scenery and a devastated city will take the young heroin in an utmost dangerous and wonderful journey with many enemies hot on their heels…”

Syberia 3 releases on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2016.


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