Civilization series shiped out a lot

Yesterday we got a news about GTA V shipping out more than 54 million copies of the game worldwide.

Now we have a news about Civilization shipping out more than 31 million copies across the world. In this 31 million copies, enters every single game and expansion for the game. What a succes and we can’t wait for more Civilization games to come out.

This are all titles and expansions in Civ series:

Civilization (MicroProse, 1991)
Civilization II (MicroProse, 1996) + Conflicts in Civilization (1996)
+ Fantastic Worlds (1997) + Test of Time (1999)

Civilization III (Firaxis, 2001) + Play the World (2002) + Conquests (2003)
Civilization IV (Firaxis, 2005) + Warlords (2006) + Beyond the Sword (2007)
Civilization V (Firaxis, 2010) + Gods & Kings (2012) + Brave New World (2013)
Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth (Firaxis, 2014)


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