Always Sometimes Monsters gets Sometimes Always Monsters sequel

Vagabond Dog has announced a follow up to its 2014 drama game Always Sometimes Monsters.

I was thinking is that a good title for this news, but I think its fine, considering what this two games brings to us. The original game was all about homophobia, child abuse, and drug addiction. Sequel will follow the problems of:  racism, police brutality, and mental health.


You are the author of a widely debated hit. Recently married, pressure to provide for your household mounts. Seeking the inspiration to write a sequel, you join a cross country bus tour of like-minded scribes.

As you explore the city stops with your new friends, there seems to be no limit to what life may bring you. Fans and strangers invite you into their lives and have their fates changed. Your words echo through the world as you shape the story.

Responsibility is what you make of it when we’re Sometimes Always Monsters.


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