Snarf s a comic hero who goes way back to Dragon Magazine, an old-school, nerdy publication from the 1980’s.

Snarf is a male zeetvah, a humanoid with bat-like ears and a small, dragon-like snout. He comes from the village of Zeetville, and his goal has always been to get rich. That’s the case in his new adventure as well, as players help him navigate a variety of challenges that include puzzles, quests, and word problems.

The tale of his attempts to ascend to the throne of Zeetville unfold over five episodes. These episodes will be released every three months, with separate adventures that ultimately tie back to the overarching plot.

The zeetvah must work together with some friends who have made appearances in the comics: Willie the dragon, who believes himself to be a duck; the beautiful Telerie Windyarm, a professional warrior; and Aveerae, a robot from space.

As for the crowdfunding campaign, the pledges have brought the funding more than halfway to its $30,000 goal, with 26 days to go. The $15 pledge is the lowest tier that grants Early Access for all the episodes of the game as they are released.

The first part is estimated to arrive sometime in early 2016, and SnarfQuest Tales will be compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


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