Shroud of the Avatar Based System for Skills

Latest Shroud of the Avatar newsletter highlights the first part of the use based systems and a new Airship City Home design.

Chris “Dippy Dragon” Spears has penned the first in a series of articles to lay out forthcoming changes to the crafting systems with implications for skills throughout the entire game. Of particular note is the fact that skills will increase based on their use and decay over time if not used.

All skills will VERY slowly decay over time. Current target is that if you set a skill to not train, it would take about 40 days to lose a full point. That decay will only be applied at death or when gaining another skill point. There will also be a cap to how much decay can be accrued so players who don’t die or gain any skills for a month, aren’t suddenly going to get a bunch skill decreases on their next death. Also worth noting that death does not accelerate that decay process, it only applies it.

While Spears related this change specifically to crafting, he also said: “Repeatedly using a skill in a pointless manner (attacking a training dummy, casting fireballs at cows) will actually improve the skill some but will have rapidly diminishing returns until you go do real stuff. Adventuring, PVP-ing, crafting, will all show much faster advancement in skills.”


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