Star Citizen could be sued for not refunding

Derek Smart, creator of Line of Defense sent warning letter to Cloud Imperium Games, because not refunding and few more stuff he is demanding.

“As all previous calls for accountability have failed, we don’t expect RSI [Roberts Space Industries] to co-operate (hence the need to contact the Federal authorities), with us. Which means that the next steps, depending on how they respond to the letter, would be for a class-action lawsuit (already in various stages of preparation), to move forward and be immediately filed,” Smart wrote. “And through that, we’re going to subpoena and depose every single key person, while asking for specific documents during discovery which will hopefully shed a light on what is going on. They will ask for protective orders, try to delay and drag things out etc. We will fight it every step of the way and my guess is that with the Federal authorities involved, it may get resolved even before it gets to trial; and then we’ll have answers either way.”

“And if they do fight this, they’re going to do it with your money, simply because they don’t believe that you—the backers—are entitled to accountability. If they had nothing to hide, resolving this matter should be very straightforward,” he continued, bold emphasis his. “Sadly, I feel that this is the only way that we are going to get the answers that we are entitled to, before this whole thing collapses and makes it more difficult to sift through; especially where spoliation of material evidence becomes an issue. Not to mention the fact that they have studios outside of North America, which will make things even more difficult to sift through.”

“Had [Cloud Imperium Games founder] Chris Roberts and co not maintained a pattern of dishonesty, then when called out, foolishly singled me out, then went for broke and tried to silence me with the actions that they took, and which gave me a clear indication that they had something to hide, we would never have come this far,” he wrote. “Finally, in this legal action that I have now initiated, note that I haven’t asked for anythingthat benefits me in any, way, shape or form. This is not, and never was, about me nor my game.”


One thought on “Star Citizen could be sued for not refunding

  1. here are the comment I left today on thread about this so called “lawsuit” . Comments made to DS himself 🙂

    The difference between your claim of inexorable CR fall and you is that your fall is already a reality. Not a speculation but based on fact of your lastest “game” which is a major failure, somehow the pinacle of a bunch of poorly developed game.

    Keep speaking as long as you want or comments endlessly on forum rather than patching or releasing promised features. It is your call. You were looking to make you a name for those who did not know you yet. You made one, in fact even several. None of them being Savior or Prophet.

    As a 53 years old player I was unfortunate enought to buy Battlecruiser in the 90’s. Since that time I followed your path (at a good distance) and your last “game” is definitively a failure both as a play “experience” as well as numbers of downloader vs players. I know by heart that you do not care about players and believe you did your best. You are wrong and people show it by voting with their walet.

    Do show some balls (and talent) by launching a project on Kickstater. I bet you do not even reach 20K$. But you wont of course.

    CR made so far 88M$ by his proved reputation And because he is delivring what people ask for. As simple as that. Your unsigned letter is a sign of despair as you pretend to do it to protect “poor backers left unprotected”. What a joke.

    At least based on you history of “success”, the end of this laugable attempt to attrack attention will be memorable. I am counting the days until your countdown of 30 days before… before what by the way?.

    I told you. Memorable.

    Thanks anyway for the distraction while CIG release Sociale Module, in August as promised during the Gamescom 2015, followed by FPS then AC2 before end of the year.

    By the way, where was your own booth with 2000 enthusiast people + 20.000 Tiwtchers to demonstrate how gorgeous and enjoyable is your last iteration of Battlecruiser 14 and whatever name you give it?

    A player who spent thousands’s $ on games and rigs during the last 20 years and never ever buy again one of yours. Sincerely.

    To summarize, this guy is a Moron of gigantic size…

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