TWO GIVEAWAYS: Submerged and Bob Was Hungry

It has passed at least one month since we held our last giveaway. Now we will have two in one.

Both games are very new and for each game we will giveaway only one key.

Submerged: Set in a drowned city where only the peaks of highest skyscrapers are reachable, you take on a role of Miku, a young girl in search for medication to cure her younger brother’s illness

You can read the full review of Submerged here.

To win a key, only thing you need to do is like our Facebook page:


Bob Was Hungry: is a challenging precision platformer with many levels designed to truly test your platforming skills. Play alone or online with 2-8 player co-op and make your way through countless perils to feed your bob!

If you want to feed Bob, enter our Steam group and pray to be choosen:


Duration of giveaways are different. Giveaway for Bob Was Hungry will finish on 9th September and giveaway for Submerged will be finished two days later on 11th September. If you haven’t figured out, giveaways starts tomorrow, Sunday, 6th September.

Winners will be picked by randomizer. Enjoy and stay tuned for more awesome content from PCGN team 😀

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