Axis Football details 3.0 patch and Axis Football 2016

If you haven’t read our Axis Football 2015 preview, you can read it here.

Here is the list of the upcoming features:

  • Modable announcer
  • Hot routes from the line of scrimmage
  • Extended player attributes (Awareness, Fitness, Throwing Power, Hit Power, Coverage)
  • The kicker’s name will show
  • Ability to view the opposing team’s player stats
  • Shiftable DL/LB/Secondary
  • Height & Weight mods
  • Additional skin tone options (probably 3-4 additional options)
  • Ability to move the pass circle pre-snap
  • Misc bug fixes (running out of the back of the endzone during kickoffs)
  • Ability to disable music on the title screen
  • Massive defensive AI improvements

Also this 3.0 patch is the last patch for Axis Football 2015, as the developer of the game will now start developing Axis Football 2016:

“The changes that we have planned for the 2016 version are massive and will require us to completely redo the GUI for the game. As such, adding new GUI elements to the game will essentially create double the work for us, so we’ve decided to go ahead and start working on the 2016 version after this update.”



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