Socuwan – Community Driven MMORPG

Socuwan, a game which in 2017 will be an MMO of epic proportions! Craft, skill and battle your way to fame and glory in a world that is heavily based around PvP. However, this is no ordinary RPG…this is an extremely community driven indie MMORPG with unique gameplay like no other!


  • Combat
  • Weapons and Armour
  • No Grinding!
  • Tournaments
  • Cooperative Skilling
  • Player Owned Houses
  • Created by the Community


The combat in Socuwan is skill based, real time, and full of tactics and strategy! With hundreds of potential attacks and a unique attack charging system you will have to slowly grind down your opponent before finishing them off with a combo of big attacks that you’ve worked to charge up.

You can find out more about the combat system in the video below:

Weapons and Armour

There are a huge number of weapons and armour sets already in the game! Every weapon in the game is created from a primary and a secondary material, leading to one hundred material combinations for every single weapon, each of which has its own stats, characteristics and available attacks.

However, while higher tiered weapons and armour will give you a decent advantage in battle, good tactics and skilled aiming can still win through. It is very possible for a skilled combatant with the right tactics to overcome a less skilled enemy with much superior gear.

No Grinding!

The world of Socuwan is extremely diverse, playing host to a number of mystical and unique creatures and beasts. You can search out and hunt elusive monsters and kill them for rare loot, or fight against aggressive mobs to practice for your next battle.

However, grinding hundreds of the same monster is not something that you will have to do! You won’t be given quest after quest to kill monster after monster, nor will you be required to kill copious numbers of creature to train your combat. Your proficiency in combat is entirely based on your skill as a player, the strategies you employ, and the equipment that you use.


Dueling is treated almost like a main-stream sport in Socuwan, with hundreds of tournaments taking place all over the world at any given time. Almost every city has multiple dual arenas, and you’ll be able to take part in tournaments against similarly experienced opponents to potentially win some big rewards.

Most tournaments will take less than an hour, but there are also plans for huge in-game tournaments that could run over multiple days or even weeks, with the finals being held in front of huge crowds in one of the great arenas.

Cooperative Skilling

It’s not all about combat though! If you prefer you can spend your time in Socuwan forging weapons, crafting furniture or jewellery, harvesting natural resources or imbuing orbs with magical powers.

The skilling system will be based around cooperation, and will encourage you to skill together with others rather than making you want to find an empty spot to skill. This is an MMO after all! For example, you wouldn’t be working on your own little farm to train the farming skill, you’ll be able to go along to giant farm fields where potentially hundreds of others are working, and chip in for however long you want and do your bit. The resources and xp that you receive will be proportional to how much work you do.

Player Owned Houses

Every adventurer needs a place to come home to, and so you will be able to buy/rent houses in the world of Socuwan. The houses will be situated in the actual game world, in the towns and cities that you will grow to love, instead of being isolated in some alternate dimension.

For those who can’t afford a house there are also an abundance of taverns scattered around the map, where you can rent and customise a room of your own.


An MMO is all about community, and the community have already been a driving force behind the development of Socuwan. Around three quarters of the content in Socuwan has been created and sent in by the community, including hundreds of models, textures, sound effects, animations, ideas, and much more.

Socuwan will not only be played by a community, but will also be created by one. I hope the development community will continue to grow after the Kickstarter, and I aim to open this project up to even more community involvement after the Kickstarter campaign.


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