Airscape: The Fall of Gravity failed a lot

Quite a shocking news, Airscape: The Fall of Gravity is the latest game we have reviewed with 85 rating.

The author of the review cannot believe that game failed so much and don’t know whats the reason. Read our review here.

Creator of the game Daniel West wrote a post about the reason Airscape failed:

“I’ve actually never heard of a game released on Steam (with some level of marketing) that has sold less copies than Airscape,” West wrote. “Currently, the exact figure sits just shy of 150 copies sold across all distribution platforms. Even conservatively estimating 10% of lifetime sales at launch, we will barely break even on PR costs, never mind development costs. ”

The reasons for its failure are “complicated,” he wrote, although he acknowledged that he doesn’t know the whole story himself. He focused on marketing even during the early stages of development, and as the game approached release he hired a professional PR agency to ensure the word got out. Airscape appeared briefly on the front page of Steam when it launched, and had a multi-day run on the front page of the Humble Store. And it’s a pretty good game, he said, noting that it’s consistently scored in the 70-80 percent range in reviews. It has a high degree of difficulty, but so do games like Super Meat Boy, Hotline Miami, and Nuclear Throne, all of which have been successful. Yet Airscape most definitely was not.

The combination of a good game, good marketing, and disastrous sales led West to the conclusion that he and his co-developers “made a game that nobody wanted to buy.”

“This is a slight exaggeration—I strongly believe that the game has a potential audience of players who would absolutely love it,” wrote West. “But, despite our best efforts, the game (or, crucially, what people saw of the game) simply didn’t appeal to the mass market.” And because of that, Airscape ended up in what he called “the Death Spiral of marketing”: Lack of interest in the gaming press resulted in a lack of interest among gamers, which reinforced disinterest among the press, and so it goes.

Distressingly for indie game makers, West said this kind of thing is effectively the norm for 2015, and that even if a developer does everything right, it’s still very unlikely that he or she will achieve any kind of real success. He also makes the rather bold statement that Steam, once the arbiter of indie game success, “has long stopped providing much benefit for PC indie games, beyond simply being the expected norm, and amplifying success when it comes.”

“Game developers can no longer rely on some baseline level of success coming from having a good, well-marketed game on Steam,” he wrote. “Like it or not, Steam has become the App Store, sans human curation and with less emphasis on free-to-play. One might look at Steam’s position now as similar to the early phase of the App Store, with a pricing race to the bottom the only way forwards.”

2 thoughts on “Airscape: The Fall of Gravity failed a lot

  1. It’s sad to know the game didn’t do well sales-wise. I found the cute little octopus and flower-y level designs might have shunned the hardcore crowd, and the difficult gameplay the casual crowd, leaving the game without a niche. Haven’t finished it yet, though.

    • We were very shocked and surprised with the news, because author of our Airscape review was very impressed with the game. Hopefully you’re next game will do better, just keep up the good work 🙂

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