Free ‘Magicka 2’ update adds “several thousand more” spell combinations

Magicka 2 publisher Paradox alerted us to the update with a press release, the lead of which reads “Game with thousands of spell combinations adds several thousand more spell combinations.”

The update adds three new spell elements. Poison is all new, but Ice and Steam return from the original Magicka. Although you could make the latter two by combining other elements, having them accessible as their own standalone elements means you can combine them with other elements.

Here’s a quote from Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester regarding the new element:

It’s driving me out of my mind. That’s why it’s hard for me to find. Can’t get it out of my head – use it, cast it, try it, (wrong button, you’re dead). That spell is poison.”

In addition to these delights, the patch delivers a new visual effects system. According to Paradox the motto of Magicka is “with great power comes zero responsibility”. Go forth and abuse it.

2 thoughts on “Free ‘Magicka 2’ update adds “several thousand more” spell combinations

  1. I saw it was featured on the main page and was surprised to see how poorly received it was by the Steam user community (and while I don’t put much weight on Metacritic I’ve found when a game has several hundred or more Steam reviews the percentage that say it’s good is a decent indicator), specially considering how much of a hit the first Magicka is, which I own and like very much.

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