League of Angels launches new content

League of Angels has announced its recent release of a new Totem system feature and Element Zone in a recent update.

The Second Totem will play a big role in Totem System after Totem Unite opens. The Deployed Totem has a chance to trigger a second totem when in effect and the second totem’s stats will be added to all units in battle once it’s set successfully. Trigger second totems to boost your Battle Rating now! Your opponents may already on the way.

This brand new feature will unlock when you reach lvl 55. In Element Zone you can customize different element stats for different heroes.The higher the Element Growth EXP the higher boost rate your core will receive. You can Sort, Synth or Recycle your Cores in Element Pack. Combo “buff” can also be activated to boost your element stats.There are three different Zones for you to choose. Higher leveled players have access to higher level maps.

There are 3 types of Mobs, those are Fire, Ice and Electro each of them holds onto Element Cores of their type. Kill these mobs to gain powerful Cores! Please be aware that the stronger mob you challenge the more Stamina will be consumed.

In specific time each day, you can obtain powerful buffs by killing certain bosses, which will help you greatly in battles. Don’t miss the best chance to defeat tough Bosses!

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