New characters comes to Block n Load

Block n Load lineup will be bigger by three new characters: Yury the Yeti, Kira-chan, and Vander Graa.

Yury comes from the frozen wasteland of Siberia and combine mountain equipment with Cold War tactics to deliver punishment via the SnowThrower 6000 SUX and snow-themed abilities. Kira-Chan is a singing superstar who uses J-pop and rainbows to destroy her enemies. If that wasn’t cutesy enough then you won’t be let down by the Kitty Launcher, which fires explosive cat dolls. Finally, Vander Graaf is a master of electricity and the disco. He’s a walking dynamo who makes clever use of his Tesla Coils and Static gloves.

“The loyal Block N Load community has spent many months getting to grips with our current hero line-up. They’ve built and destroyed millions of blocks and we love their feedback, enthusiasm and ideas. Now we’re really excited to see what they make of Yury, Kira and Vander when they arrive in-game next Thursday,” said David Solari, vice president of Block N Load.

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