‘Into the Stars’ gets bumper update

In what is its largest update so far, Into The Stars 0.1 now includes a ‘Civilian Management’ system which grants players control of their ship’s inhabitants.

Four components directly affect the Civilian City population’s well-being: health, happiness, order and rations – the first three of which are directly influenced by your competence (or not) as captain.

Rations can be distributed in values marked high, normal or low and have a direct bearing on your City’s growth population. Which means babies. Which means even if you’re shit at combatting permadeath, so long as you’re good at philanthropy you might just make it to the elusive Titus Nova – your mission objective.

All of the above relates back to keeping your civilians happy. If film, tv, books, and, well, video games, has taught us anything, though, is nigh on impossible amid perilous space expedition. That said, if you’re willing to try, Into The Stars now incorporates three states of civilian well-being: happy, unhappy and angry, indicated by helpful emojis on the management screen, all of which tie into the aforementioned health, happiness and order elements. Keeping the equilibrium, then, is pretty important.

Other new features include ‘Skorn Wreckage’ – remnants of Skorn encounters with previous Ark ships, ‘Gas Clouds’ – pockets of gas lined with valuable resources, and ‘Hidden Storage Containers’ – space pirate loot stashes, all of which add variety to the exploration aspects of the game; all of which echo the game’s Oregon Trail influence as noted by the developers from the outset.

Into The Stars is available on Steam Early Access for £14.99.

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