Early ‘SOMA’ Sales Figures Revealed

According to the post on Facebook, the total so far is around 92,000 units sold, and the money that Frictional has received “will pretty much pay our company expenses for another two years.”

Compared to Frictional’s previous titles, Amnesia: The Dark Descent sold 20,000 copies in the first week, and its sequel A Machine for Pigs sold 120,000 in week one.

Frictional’s goal with SOMA is to reach 100,000 sales after one month. The company needs to “sell almost three times that amount” to regain all of the costs. However, “given that it took us five years to make the project, there’s no immediate stress to do so.”

“…we might have unveiled the game a bit too early,” Frictional added when talking about marketing for the game. “We first showed off SOMA back in October 2013 and the plan was to keep content coming out until release. This turned out way harder to keep up with than what we’d initially thought.”

The company feels that interest about the game waned over time up until release. “So it feels like it might have been better to have unveiled the game a year or so later to be able to keep up interest all the way to release…”

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