GAME SPOTLIGHT: Gyrodisc Super League

Gyrodisc Super League is an action-packed arcade sports game where players throw flying discs to score goals. The objective is simple – score goals to reduce your opponent’s points to zero – but victory is seized by quick reactions and devious mind-games.

Gyrodisc Super League can be played either singles or doubles with up to 4 players or AI. Players can choose from 6 characters with different stats and special moves. Gameplay varies across 10 court setups, each with a unique formation of goals, score boosts, breakable blocks and obstacles. All of the action takes place in 1 of 3 arena backgrounds ranging from a gritty community sports hall to a futuristic stadium in the sky.

  • Arcade Mode – Compete against a series of AI of increasing difficulty. Play singles, or doubles with a friend!
  • Versus Mode – Play with up to 4 players with custom match settings
  • Minigames – Have a fun change of pace by breaking blocks or dodging discs.

Using all the moves at your disposal is key to victory in Gyrodisc Super League!

  • Run, dive, catch and throw to keep the disc out of your goal and send it soaring towards your opponent’s.
  • Lob the disc over the heads of your opponent to catch them off guard.
  • Throw the disc the instant you catch it for a high-speed perfect return. Chain perfect returns together and the disc gets faster and faster!
  • Advanced moves including looping curved throws and wild special throws.

Use these tools together to wrong-foot your opponents and keep them guessing!

  • Flying Disc Sports Arcade Game
  • Arcade mode, Versus mode and Minigames
  • Developed in Unity
  • Keyboard and Gamepad Controller Support (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4)
  • Planned Platforms: PC (Steam)
  • Additional Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux
  • Website:

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