PREVIEW: Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

Status: Beta

Genre: Action, Indie, Fantasy

Developer: Fatshark

Publisher: Fatshark

Release date: 23rd October, 2015

Vermintide is a first person combat co-operative adventure set in End Times of Warhammer Fantasy world. The game takes place in Ubersreik, a town full of Skaven- giant rats that are doing their best to take it over. You have a choice between 5 unique heroes, each of them have a unique personality and are equipped with a unique weapons and skills. It depends what kind of person are you, do you like smashing through giant hordes of rats with your shield and sword or are you a more distant, quiet one, a shooter from afar. Often the heroes make jokes on others account so there is no way
you can get bored.2015-10-01_00022

Once you start the game you’ll find yourself in Red Moon Inn from where you choose all of your missions, equip different weapons (there are tons of them) or forge new ones. The Red Moon Inn is basically your hideout. When you begin a mission, alone or with your friends, you will be placed in a 4 man army, pushing through huge numbers of rat-men, who are waiting behind every corner, trying to kill you or at least deadly wound you. This may sound a bit annoying, rats spawning all the time from every shadow, but this is not the case. This game has a very dynamic spawn system that makes your enemies unpredictable what boosts the gameplay to a very challenging level. The physics of the game are incredibly satisfying when it comes to fighting. The graphics are very good and the whole atmosphere of the game makes you feel you are there. Also, you have to be careful not to fall of from rooftops or cliffs. You wont find two identical rooms on the map, unless you go in the same room twice. The developer did a great job with this one.2015-10-01_00002


As you go through the town overrun by rat-men, you will soon find out that the key to completing the mission is TEAMPLAY. Of course you can act courageously and get separated from the team, but that only makes it easier for the rat-men to kill you. There are numerous types of rat-men; ordinary rat-men, assassin rats, ogre rats, slaver rats, gas rats…2015-10-01_00006


If you get attacked by an ex . assassin rat there are very little or no chances you will survive without the help of your teammates. As it strikes from shadows and is very agile you won’t be able to see it.2015-10-01_00019

At the completion of a mission your XP and hero level will rise and you will be given loot dice that will reward you with a weapon.

Fatshark has made a great job with this challenging co-op adventure. It’s a game worth playing, you won’t regret it, trust me.


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