Blade & Soul features in Closed Beta

Are you hyped for Blade & Soul? Can’t wait for the CB that starts on 30th October? Here is what can you expect to find in CB.

Founder’s Pack Items

If you’re the proud owner of a Founder’s Pack, you’ll have test NCoin—currency that won’t subtract from your real NCoin total—that you can use to spend on the closed beta Hongmoon Store. In beta, the Premium Membership will be able to be purchased for 1 NCoin, and can also be gifted to friends. And don’t worry about using your Founder’s Pack items during closed beta, they’ll still be unclaimed and usable them once the game officially launches.


To give you a little extra incentive to provide feedback during the closed beta we have surveys that contain various helpful items as you level. Please answer the survey as accurately as possible, and enjoy some rewards for your assistance.

Currency Exchange

The Currency Exchange allows players to buy and sell gold between each other using NCoin. The trading price is determined by player supply and demand, meaning what gold is available on the Exchange depends on what’s been listed by other players. When purchasing, a player will use NCoin to buy available gold put up for sale on the Exchange by another player, and the seller will receive a converted amount of Hongmoon Coin for use in the Blade & Soul in-game shop.

The Currency Exchange allows those who are looking to purchase gold a safe and secure method in-game to do so directly with other players.

Hongmoon Store

You can purchase cosmetic and consumable items from the Hongmoon Store using your test NCoin or Hongmoon Coin—a free currency you earn while playing the game. The prices in the Hongmoon Store are not final, and are not reflective to what may reach the release game’s store. But we encourage you to pick up a couple items for yourself or for your friends, have fun, and let us know what you think!


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