Shadow of the Mad King event returns to GW 2

The Guild Wars 2 team has announced that the annual Shadow of the Mad King event will be returning to Tyria on Friday, October 23rd.

What you can expect:

  • The Mad King’s Lair – the dungeon where players can take it to the mat with King Oswald Thorn
  • The Mad King’s Realm – head to the labyrinth to fight monsters in an undead army, score treats and open haunted doors to kick off even more events
  • The Mad King’s Clocktower – race against time in this epic jumping puzzle
  • Lion’s Arch Festivities – decorated houses, candy corn vendors, King Thorn tickling funny bones with jokes and entertaining players with Mad King Says
  • Tricks & Treats – new swag bags that can contain weapons, a mini, karka hatchling helm and the pieces needed to make a bat-themed shoulder piece. First time Mad King dungeon fighters can snag a great reward
Check it all out on the Guild Wars 2 site.


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