Steam support is better, but still awful

This news caught my eye, because I am one of the many people whos accounts were hacked.

The main problem is not in hacked accounts, the main problem is in Steam support. My account was hacked in the end of August and same day I contacted Steam support, but for a few weeks they didn’t respond at all. Then I decided to close the ticket and open new one and today my accounts is back. Thats my story and here is what Erik Johnson of Valve have to say about Steam Support:

The need to come up with new software “to build a new support system,” including the option to provide refunds, required significant amount of work.

“The thing that’s interesting is, you go out to third-party support providers, and—at least in our experience—most of them wanted to sell you ways to reduce the number of people currently waiting in support, but they weren’t very good at selling you ways to solve customer support issues,” Johnson said. “I think we’ve all had that experience of, ‘I get it. You’re trying to get me off the line.’ We’re not super interested in providing crappy support in volume.”

As a result, Valve has taken to training people itself, which leads to better results but also takes more time. The goal now is to have wait times reduced to an “acceptable point” by Christmas. “It’s getting better internally; it just hasn’t yet translated to great support for users,” Johnson said. “We’re going to get there, though.”


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