RollerCoaster Tycoon World’s First Beta

We three days away fromĀ RollerCoaster Tycoon World’s First Beta, we all can’t wait.

The beta begins on Friday, October 30, and will be available until Monday, November 2. It should be available beginning at around 3 PM PDT on October 30, though that time is subject to change.

Nvizzio describes this as a “technical demo focusing on our coaster building system” that “will show tycoons just a small taste of the sandbox experience and great parks you will be able to build when the game launches.”

In order to access the beta, you’ll need to have preordered the game; if you did so through a store other than Steam, you’ll need to activate your key on Steam. This will add the game to your library, and you’ll be able to download the beta version (weighing in at 3 GB) whenever it goes live on Friday. No other ways into the beta have been announced, though fortunately those who are in are free to share videos and their impressions of the game.

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