Super Axe Boy is a stirring platform game that combines awesome 2D and 3D gameplay, memorable characters and a unique graphical aesthetic. It’s old-school challenging platform fun mixed with modern sleek game design. It’s everything we love about the classics like Mega Man and Mario, combined with the possibilities of modern gaming.


  • Unique mix of 2D and 3D gameplay
  • Cool indie/chiptune soundtrack
  • Huge gameplay variety
  • Fresh axe chopping mechanics
  • Unique graphical aesthetic
  • A silly story (but hey, still a story)
  • Memorable characters

Unique mix of 2D and 3D gameplay: Levels will switch back and forth between 2D sections (emphasis on: precision, timing, fast movement, countdown sections) and 3D sections (emphasis on: sense of freedom / branching-off level paths, exploration, puzzle solving, cinematic sequences). You will get the frantic feeling of a classical Mario or Mega Man with the sense of exploration and cinematic sequences as known from modern platformers and adventure games. The game will jump between these 2 styles – in the same level and all the time.

Cool indie/chiptune soundtrack: The final game will have a soundtrack that combines the best of an 80s chiptunes sound with pumping garage rock tunes. Anyone who’s seen “Scott Pilgrim” should know what that means.

Huge gameplay variety: There will be large main levels (needing several minutes for completion) and short intersections and bonus levels, where you need to survive one screen or a certain gameplay mechanic is trained with you. Also, your character will get power-ups over time, thus ramping up the movement abilities and ways you can finish a level.

Fresh axe chopping mechanics: Axe Boy has his beloved and robust axe always with him. With his axe you can do lots of cool things such as

  • Hacking trees (and using the trunk to get new paths in a level)
  • Chopping and collecting wood (used as in-game currency to build things in a level)
  • Attacking enemies
  • Dodging bullets (by swinging your axe at the right moment)
  • Solving puzzles
  • Defeating bosses

Unique graphical aesthetic: The game features a unique low-poly graphical style combined with ultra-realistic lighting and a cinematic camera system. It’s an reimagination of retro graphics for the current gaming generation.

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