Gloria Victis gets a revamp

Black Eye Games has started the test for completely new user interface in Unity-powered sandbox MMORPG Gloria Victis. 

The update greatly increases the game’s interface functionality while making it much more user-friendly, as it introduces numerous features requested by our players, i.e. an ability to expand the inventory space with additional bags and backpacks, a buy-back tab and the assortment filters in NPC shops window or a mouse-mode toggle. A character’s statistics tab also have been refreshed, becoming more intuitive, as well as the guilds management window – once the update have been applied, players will be able to comfortably create their fractions.

The team is also reworking the buff system, and when it’s done, there will also be the alchemic recipes, the weather system’s impact on the characters and the heroes system, which will reward the most active players from each nation. The next step is revamping the crafting system, the dev says. Looks like the game is getting a complete facelift.


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