‘Valhalla Hills’ updated with tons of fresh content

Daedalic Entertainment has announced a new update for their Viking city building game Valhalla Hills, which is currently in Steam Early Access. The game brings such roles as the toolmaker and the weaponsmith.

Basically, the toolmaker crafts tools for Viking workers. However, players must commission the tools, as the toolmaker won’t take any sort of initiative. In addition, The same goes for the weaponsmith, another new profession who created various weapons for the Vikings, including axes and swords.

Three new buildings have also been established, split from one catchall building that had been doing the combined work before the update. The new buildings include the Sawmill, the Quarry, and the Forester. Lumberjacks will focus on chopping trees and processing them, while masons will harvest stones.

Other updates include the ability to assign additional workers to construction sites while bakers need tools to bake food. A new, larger storage building as been added. Finally, military camps no longer consume leather.

Other notable updates include:


Your Vikings grew tired of taking care of their own tools and weapons all the time. So there’s a new face around town: the toolmaker. He fulfills all your Vikings’ tool needs, but only commissioned pieces (this means you have to personally order tools). 
Since many jobs need proper tools, it’s very important for your settlement to hire a toolmaker. Get one as fast as you can! 

Weapon Smith

A warrior shouldn’t have to forge his own weapon. So, now there’s a weapon smith you can order to craft and forge better bows and axes. 


– The end portal now has to be entered manually, this will no longer happen 
automatically. As soon as the portal is successfully activated, the match 
– Sometimes, you now have to open various smaller portals and face its 
enemies before you can open the main portal to Valhalla. 

Contributor Edition Compilation

Players who bought the Contributor Edition can now submit in-game how they want to be credited. 
IMPORTANT: please do not submit insulting or profane names or terms. We’d have to delete those from the credits. 


– You can now assign additional workers to construction sites. 
– The baker now also needs tools to bake. 
– Foresters will now only grow trees fitting the landscape. 
– There’s now a new, really large storage. Here you can store loads and 
loads of goods. 
– Military camps no longer consume leather 
– Enemy skeleton health has been reduced. 
– The “You Lose” screen now gives you the option to play the same map 
– Unlockable content went through some rework 
– “F” now lets you select the next weapon or tool smith. 
– Buildings and streets can now be demolished by pressing “Del” 
– “L” lets you jump to the last position on the map where your Vikings 
recently fought an enemy. 
– You can now rotate the camera horizontally with “Q” and “E”. 
– The camera can now be tilted by pressing shift (or the middle mouse 
– You can now directly jump to different zoom factors by pressing 1-4 
– Water and sky have been visually adjusted 
– Signs indicating a deactivated building now have improved visibility 
– Various objects now have optimized detail levels


– Fighters will now look more often for beer and gold 
– The work radius of mines will now be displayed correctly 
– Portal enemies are now varying again 
– If you win in Free Game Mode and start the next map, the map size does 
no longer depend on campaign progress. 
– You can now use the arrow keys for moving the camera again after clicking 
a button and other related actions. 
– Right-clicking now cancels relocating mode of a building. 
– A jumping-camera-glitch after using the middle mouse button has been 
– You can no longer place buildings while the game is paused 
– The “Edit” button in the Viking-screen is now deactivated while the list of 
Vikings is empty. 
– Graphic settings are now preset depending

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