Brawlhalla patched before open beta

The last patch before we go into Open Beta next week. We’ve added 8 Players in custom lobbies, a new mechanic called Gravity Canceling, new music, and a bunch of other things.

8 Player Brawlhalla!
  • You can now set the maximum players allowed in your custom online games to anywhere between 2 and 8 (yes, eight) players!
  • There are also some new, silly, big versions of old maps to enjoy with 5-8 players in custom online: Big Twilight Grove, Big Titan’s End, and Big Thundergard Stadium!
  • The spectate lobby does not yet support showing more than 4 players, so if there are 4 or more players in the room but a spectator can still join, it will show the 4th slot as empty.The level roulette at the end of the level select phase also still only shows up to 4 votes, but trust us, every vote is counted.
Gravity Canceling and Dodge Changes

Gravity cancels are now in the game!
A gravity cancel is a new mechanic. It can be performed by spot dodging first and then canceling its duration with a grounded attack. Gravity canceling can be done with any spot dodge, air or grounded, any time you have your dodge available. Because of this change we’ve made a few adjustments to the spot dodge to make this easier to perform. In our playtests we had a lot of fun with gravity cancels, but we’re not expecting it to take over the game. Standard styles of play are still very viable, and gravity cancels will take a fair amount of skill to be useful. Good luck and have fun!

  • Extended spot dodge duration to 24 frames.
  • You have to wait 2 ticks after spot dodging before a gravity cancel is possible.
  • Gravity cancels enforce the air dodge cooldown even if grounded.
  • You can turn out of your spot dodge for down and neutral gravity canceled attacks.
  • Signatures have been adjusted to prevent signature hits through hard edge corners.
New Music!
  • New intro music when you start the game!
  • Main theme lasts until your first game starts and then transitions to the subtle stuff.
Community Requests
  • Moved the small soft platforms on Great Hall outwards a tad to make the map more comfortable.
  • Camera no longer cares about items in games with more than 2 players, and the camera does a better job of making sure that respawning players can see where they will be dropped (this was mostly an issue on Great Hall, but has been applied everywhere).
  • Increased the surface area of the platform tops in Brawlhaven, Grumpy Temple, Kings Pass, and Thundergard Stadium for clarity (visual change only).
  • Dodging in the same direction of an item will not provide dodge forgiveness immunity. Ex: Dodging away from a throw means you will be immediately vulnerable to a weapon thrown directly at you.
  • Brought down jump velocity off the wall slightly.
  • Adjusted the air turning penalty so that it isn’t as harsh for slower characters (Should be more evenly applied).
  • Air turning penalty lowered slightly and adjusted so that coming back from a hit isn’t as hard.
  • As the leader, you can now edit your server location and set your privacy level in matchmaking lobbies. You can also see what settings that you’ll be playing with
  • Added a new version of the player management menu in the upper left hand corner of the character select
  • Chat collapse/expand mode now remembers your previous state, and doesn’t always start expanded.
  • Main Menu now has helpful messages about each option.
  • Name Abbreviations will no longer use THE if you have THE in your name and a space following the THE. ex: TheGoblin = THE, The Goblin = GOB
  • The player who opens the settings menu in the character select screen is now the only one who can navigate it.
  • Brightness/contrast adjustments made to Mammoth background and platforms for readability.
  • Playing offline while server is restarting no longer boots you to main menu.
  • Updated color schemes to apply more consistently, particularly to weapons.
  • Adjusted the dodge animation when a legend is holding Blasters to better support the new dodge durations.
  • Combat detail options added to replay controls: Show full names, hitboxes, hurtboxes, damage, and stun are available in replay mode.
  • Added a button that opens the replays folder in your operating system’s file browser.
  • Added keyboard controls to Replays: Left/Right = Rewind/Fast forward. Space = play/pause.
  • Greatly increased performance on showing the replay directory listings, especially if you had over a hundred replays.
  • Fixed a bug where the play game options would show underneath the accounts page.
  • Fixed a bug where the top bar buttons would be in the wrong state after exiting replays.
  • Fixed a bug where the replay overlay would be above the controls screen (and other screens).
  • Training mode will no longer be saving replays.
  • Minor performance improvements in watching replays.
Input Improvements
  • Now using radial inputs for throws and dodging (big thanks to u/TerminalPlantain for his research that led to this).
  • The old method of favoring cardinal directions is still used for all other inputs such as moving, jumping and attack direction selection.
  • Added memory pooling which should greatly increase performance in online play and decrease cpu spikes.
  • Additional client performance improvements.
Controller Support
  • PC Support for Recoil retractable cord controller
  • PC Support for Dynacom Joystick
  • More PC Support for Wii Classic Controller with Mayflash adapter.
Drop Fixes
  • Katar Recovery: Fixed some cases where the target could be dropped before the final hit. [Credit OnTilt, Jaximus]
  • Vraxx Side Lance: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit. [Credit Antlan]
  • Unarmed Neutral Light: Cancels momentum on hit. Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit. [Credit MaximusMaxy]
  • Sword Neutral Light: Cancels momentum on hit. Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit. [Credit OnTilt]
  • Katar Neutral: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit. [Credit OnTilt]
  • Asuri Sword Down: Fixed some cases where target could be dropped before the final hit. [Credit ButaTensei, OnTilt, BerserkExo]
  • Hammer Neutral Light: Fixed a case where target could be dropped before the final hit.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a long standing bug that shows the game and the UI when playing right when server is restarting.
  • Fixed a few instances where you’re left with the background with no UI (There still may be some. Keep reporting these!)
  • Fixed bug where random item seed wasn’t being reset in tournament mode (Credit: Mongelo).
  • Fixed a bug where checks for whether certain powers will hit the ground would show up as hitboxes in training mode and could deal a point of damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Recover Time on Barraza Side Axe could be longer than intended when jumping from a higher platform to a lower one.
  • Fixed PC support issues for Fusa gamepad.
  • Fixed a rare fatal error when browsing replays.
  • Fixed a bug where 2v2 ranked replays would have the wrong colors.
  • Fixed some issues where Stats inconsistently affected certain powers, especially on Barraza.

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