GAME SPOTLIGHT: Challengers of Khalea

  • Challengers of Khalea is a premium turn-based tactics and team management game which blends complex warrior contract management from region-wide talent pools, turn-based team combat, and exciting, cerebral online multiplayer. It has no microtransactions, and never will.
  • Challengers of Khalea is currently planned for release on PC and Mac, and will shortly be launching a Steam Greenlight campaign!
  • Form your team of warriors by negotiating contracts for mighty heroes of legendary tribes, using Challengers of Khalea’s unique contracting system. Outfit and train them for battle with your carefully chosen team staff, then lead them to glory in raging battlesagainst opponents in the online Arena that will test your cerebral skill and tactics.

 Create Your Champion

  • Every band of warriors needs a leader. Create and customize your Team Captain to use both in combat, and as your team’s avatar. Choose your champion, selecting their race from 5 unique Fantasy Nations, then give them their name, weapon and armor class, gender, appearance, skills and attributes.

Negotiate Contracts for Mighty Legends

  • Arena Warriors in Khalea (and the staff that keep them in fighting shape) are livinglegends.
  • Each warrior and staff member is unique in a pool of thousands, each with their ownphysical characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, attributes, virtues, and vices. This extends to the complex contract negotiation process where you make offers to individual warriors to join your team of Challengers!
  • Each warrior and staff member has their own individual desires during the contract negotiation process. Don’t forget: your team’s success, fame, and reputation play a role in the attractiveness of your offer! Find the warriors, trainers, and staff that fit your team, then make them an offer they can’t refuse to secure their services.
  • Lead your team to fame, and your warriors will gain renown, allowing you to contract new warriors more easily, and allowing your team to sell more tickets.

Watch your coffers, manage your budget

  • While you must direct your team’s tactics in combat, you must also keep an eye on your team’s coffers. Pay your warriors their salaries, ensure your trainers, smiths, andtherapeutic staff go home happy, but make sure to put something away for hiring your nextrenowned brawler.

Sharpen The Mind, and Harden the Body

  • Use your custom team of support staff (Trainer, Coach, Medic, Masseur, and Quartermaster) to bring the best out of every warrior on your team! The better your staff, the greater potential they will bring forth from your warriors. Train your warriors to their maximum potential and level up their skills to make them more formidable in combat!

Outfit Your Warriors For Battle

  • Choose the armor and weapons armament for each of your warriors, switching loadouts to best fit the battle ahead. Choose between 9 possible combinations of weapon and armor class and from 4 different specialist classes for each warrior to maximize the efficacy of nearly 100 possible character-specific match abilities to ensure your team works flawlessly together, and crushes their enemies. Finally, customize your team colors to add a personal feel when you vanquish your foes!

Unleash Hell in online Multiplayer

  • The contracts of your warriors are bound and sealed in the fires of combat. They are highly trained champions in the martial arts, prepared for war. They are outfitted for battle. They are thirsty for glory. Lead 5 of your warriors against your enemies’ team in online multiplayer combat in The Arena. The turn-based action is cerebral, yet fast-paced enough to keep you on the edge of your seat as you put your tactics and your mettle to the test against friends and foes alike to determine your place on the leaderboards. Give ‘em hell!
  •  In the lands of Khalea there are many tribes and nations, many of which are comprised of their own races of inhabitants. Each nation has it’s own past and history, and hopes for thefuture.
  • Though their cultures vary widely, all are united by their love for the spectacle that is The Arena, and some brave few are united by the thirst for glory and elite, legendary statusthat accompanies victory in the contests and battles held therein.
  • The 5 races which currently battle in the Arena are shown below, but in distant times strange, unknown, beings have been known to rise to legendary status, and they may yet again, for the world of Khalea is not yet fully explored, and legends persist of strange monsters and men from the distant lands beyond the ocean…

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