Felspire is getting 2.0 expansion

Felspire, the fast-paced ARPG, today will enter a whole new expansion – Nirvana, featuring a new Rebirth System, increased level cap to 500, along with a new Soul Gathering System.

Nirvana means you will unlock greater potential at the price of giving up your current level advantage. When you decide to be reborn, there are a few things that need to be done. Find and talk to the rebirth master, collect 100 Essence of each kind, and reach Lv 400. After being rebirthed, your level will be changed to Rebirth Lv 300, and the new 500 level cap, Soul Gathering system and T9 gears will become available!

What’s more, a new dungeon and more challenging map will also be added in the expansion. In the new dungeon Soul Square, you are able to collect the materials required for Soul Gathering. The Lv 400 – 500 map is also available for those who have rebirthed and reached Lv 400. What you can expect is monsters and bosses that are stronger then you can imagine, and epic loots like T9 gear! The rest about the map and dungeon will be left to the players to explore!

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