New Maps Coming Soon to ‘World of Tanks’

In the next update, World of Tanks will be receiving two new unique maps: Ravaged Capital and Berlin. These maps are both combinations of street blocks and open spaces, resembling the real landscape of the areas and, in part, the location of buildings and streets.

However, it’s not really the realistic terrain that makes them unique, but the fact that these two maps are the first in World of Tanks to be created specifically for the new Rampage mode.

Battles on the Ravaged Capital map will be taking place in both Rampage formats: Domination and Steel Hunt. The border between the open space of the park area and the urban area will be an active confrontation zone. Respawns aren’t far from there, either, and it’s a direct route to the center of the map. The central crossing area will be where the fiercest battles should take place. Open spaces, spots to take cover and a repair point are available to keep up a good fight.


Steel Hunt:

Battles on the Berlin map will take place only in Domination format, 10v10, with either one or two flags. The open space, where a large park used to be, will be an active confrontation zone, as it is on the most direct path to the bases. The central part of the map is fairly open and exposed to fire coming from the city block. When there is only a single flag on the map, it will be located in the center, or if there are two flags, the center will be where the repair zone is located. The city block also poses a certain threat, as your enemies can simply appear out of no where, so always be aware of your surroundings.


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