GAME SPOTLIGHT: Night City Assault

Night City Assault takes the sprite-based beat ’em up and reinvigorates it by adding RPG progression, an extensive set of combat moves, Metroidvania-style exploration, and a mission-based campaign. We believe this produces something fun, nostalgic, and fresh all at once.

Set in the 1980’s, you’ll play as detective Roy Silver or officer Cindy Chan (or both in co-op mode!). Recent transfer Roy and new recruit Cindy find themselves stranded in an area of the city overrun by a violent syndicate that takes orders from the mysterious Viper. With no guarantee of backup, you have no choice but to fight your way through the streets and discover what is really going on in a city spiraling out of control. Action, suspense, drama!

Game Features:

  • Story-based campaign mode (single-player or two-player cooperative)
  • Large levels to brawl across
  • Missions provided by citizens in distress
  • 20+ unique enemies and bosses
  • Freedom to explore levels at will and enter open buildings
  • RPG-style experience and level-up system
  • On-screen hit points showing the damage of each attack (can be disabled)
  • Dialogue with voice acting and subtitles
  • Environmental hazards
  • Collectible 80’s nostalgia items for extra rewards
  • Unlock new moves and abilities
  • Weapon system that allows weapons to be picked up, equipped, or stored
  • Unity game engine for streamlined porting to more platforms

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