First person sci-fi survival game Planet Nomads announced

Indie developer Craneballs has announced an ambitious new game, Planet Nomads, a first person science fiction open world survival game.

In the game, players can research tech, build vehicles, explore the planet and investigate its secrets. Players must ultimately build a spaceship to escape the planet, but it doesn’t end there. One a player gets off-world, they can explore and exploit other planets as well.

According to the developers, Planet Nomads is inspired by and a hybrid of Minecraft, Space Engineers and No Man’s Sky. “In fact we used to use the phrase ‘Imagine Minecraft survival, No Man’s Sky exploring and Space Engineers building’ to describe Planet Nomads. But now we feel that’s too much of a shortcut. PN deserves to be able to make a name for itself,” wrote Craneballs in the official site.


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