Both update and new expansion announced for X Rebirth

EGOSOFT has announced that the Birth of Light expansion and the 4.0 update will be launched for their spaceship sim X Rebirth this coming February 2016.

The House of Light expansion promises to add three entire new systems, which includes the Home of Light, a location that had previously appeared in the X3 games. The expansion adds “a massive new economy”, including trade stations, which allow players to warehouse any number of goods. Players can attempt to manipulate the market by hoarding a certain product for themselves.

Meanwhile, the 4.0 update makes trading less frustrating by adding a deal finder as well as graphs that allow the player to find the best buyers and sellers of various goods. The update also adds new weapons and tech, including a new jump drive that will make hopping from system to system faster. Both the expansion and the update will add new enemies and secrets to explore.

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