New things in the Fortnite

If you are lucky enough to be in the Fortnite online test, then you will have chance to try some new things.


  • We’ve added a feature called Outposts. Outposts are located throughout the world map. These persistent spaces are built in phases and unlock new regions. Upgrade your Outpost with modules to get access to cool stuff.
  • Heroes have been upgraded with all sorts of badassery, including new/revamped abilities and gadgets.
  • There is now a Quest system! Check daily for your chance to earn some extra V-bucks and learn which missions will help you grow your Home Base.
  • We have a new, awesome tutorial that introduces you to the world and some of the new elements of Fortnite.



  • New Outpost mission created. Each location now has its own persistent Outpost that must be built in steps that unlock region progression and open the next location.
  • Added a new tabbed user interface for the Outpost structures: Storm Shield, Harvesting Optimizer, Storage, Crafting Table, and Fabricator.
  • Pickaxes are no longer crafted from schematics, instead you gain access to better pickaxes by using the Harvesting Optimizer.
  • Build and defend truly epic Outpost fortresses in this persistent building space.
  • Upgrade your Outpost with modules giving the player better pickaxes, storage space – or even the ability to transform one ingredient into another.

Hero Update

  • All Heroes have been revamped with brand-new updated gadgets and ability trees!
  • All Heroes now have three active abilities and brand new passive abilities.
  • Hero ability unlocks and ability progression has changed to use a new format :
    • From levels 1 to 10, Heroes unlock a fixed set of abilities and bonus.
    • Each level from 11 to 20, Heroes unlock one skill point to spend on their ability tree. Most abilities cost 1 point to unlock, while a few powerful ones cost 2.
    • There are now 4 ability lines with 5 abilities each in the Hero ability trees.
    • All Hero classes now have upgrades available for their Home Base buildings.
  • Hero abilities now apply and benefit from status modifications (Detailed below the Hero section).
  • See the Heroes section below for a list of the new active abilities with some pictures!

Read full patch notes here.


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