One Dog Story – an action/adventure platform game with RPG elements, various gameplay, detailed storyline and fully interactive game world.
Deep underground there was a major accident in a science lab. Aftermath was terrible. By Luckily chance, a creature named EO-43 (at least, that was written on his capsule) unchained itself. This is exactly where our little friend’s adventure starts. EO-43 is so lonely in the underworld, but with your help, it will find its true identity and learn who’s behind that disaster.

You’ll be Dog who’ll have to fight for its life. Step by step you will discover the full story of the game. Sometimes it will be sad, sometimes it will make you smile. The game has few endings, depending on your choices. On your way you’ll meet lots of characters, some friendly, some not. Some of them will be friendly and help you, some of them won’t. Each character has their own story.

While making this game, we were inspired by Cave Story, Battletoads (NES), Contra (NES), the Metroid series and other platform games. In the game you’ll explore the world, communicate with other characters and fight for your life. The choices you make will lead you to different storylines. In the game you’ll meet different characters who’ll ask for your help. Careful, though: some might not be as friendly as you think. We’re trying to make the gameplay as varied as possible: jetpack flights, hovering and swimming underwater will surely make our little hero’s adventure a lot more exciting. Remember the good old RPG’s with exciting side quests? Well, we’ve got ’em! Feel the unforgettable heat of the battle with most formidable opponents and wicked bosses! And to help you with that, we’ve got loads of cool upgradeable weapons for you! Also we prepared some secrets for you.


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