Cossacks 3 new trailer

The last time we have played Cossacks was in 2005 and in 2006, because of the expansion.

As we all know, the real time strategy genre isn’t so popular anymore or not popular at all, the golden days are over and over last few years, only few good and real RTS came out.

GSC Game World has released a new trailer for its upcoming historical strategy based on the great battles of the 17th and 18th centuries. This new video shows off the French units and buildings that will be featured in the game.

According to GameWatcher’s interview with the studio’s head of marketing and PR Valentine Yeltyshev, the game will feature the ability to handle 10,000 units on a map at once, allowing for massive scale battles. (Yeltyshev stated that the developer was running 20,000 units on a 3 year old machine with no hiccups, but was scaling it back to 10,000 anyway.)

Cossacks 3 will feature five all-new historical campaigns, with 12 national factions, 70 unit types, 100 technologies to research, and over 140 diverse historical buildings. The game is due to be released sometime in March 2016.

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