Hot Guns

Status: Early Access

Developer: Quantized Bit

Publisher: Quantized Bit

Genre: 2D Side-Scrolling Action Platformer

Release date: TBA

Type: Single-Player, Local Co-Op

After a long time, almost two months, we are writing the preview. Last time I wrote preview for Rogue Continuum. 2D top-down shooter game and in this preview I write about 2D side-scrolling action game. Maybe someone would say they are similar, but they certainly are not.

To remind you on our reviewing and previewing policy: we don’t judge games in Early Access and because of that we always write previews about them. Why? There are still a lot of things needed to be done, bugs fixed and content to add and I think it’s not fair to judge the game while it’s in Early Access as some portals do. Hot Guns early access adventure begun on 16th October last year. Since then they released one update only, well the version 2 of the game and announced a standalone expansion for the game, so my prediction is that this game will be in early access for couple of more months.

As I said Hot Guns is 2D side-scrolling action game, it doesn’t have story, which is petty, but maybe they’ll add it later. You have three modes to play: Campaign, International Missions and Battle mode. In Campaign you go throughout nine stages (one is soon, so I assume it’s not available). In each stage you have smaller levels or sub-levels. Stages are very diverse from each other and that’s what I like to see in games, you are never bored. (malo o international missions). I couldn’t play Battle mode, because it’s fully co-op mode and since this game supports only local co-op I couldn’t play it and because of that I can’t tell you how is it.

Graphics aren’t big deal in this game or any similar games, it’s pixellated, but I was amazed with animations and special effects of the game. The explosions in the game looks good and the every animations in the game is done fantastic, especially for one pixel graphics game. Music and sound effects are another good things in this game. Music follows the gameplay and each stage has the unique music background. Sound effects are done brilliantly too, everything sound so authentic, there are even some funny sounds. Too bad this game doesn’t have any dialogs or voiceovers, also too bad our character isn’t some badass guy, like Duke Nukem or Serious Sam. Also music sounds like it’s from 70s, especially few soundtracks that sounds like they are from those action or thriller movies from 70s.

If you are not still convinced about this game in text above, I will try to describe gameplay. As this is 2D side-scrolling action game, it has some limitation, but then again it has some positive sides. The best thing about the gameplay it’s very fluid, there aren’t a lot of controls, so it’s very simple and only thing you can do is buy it, download it and enjoy it.Uunfortunately, you’ll not enjoy so much as you think. There are still some areas or levels in the game, that will ask from you to give your 101%, full concentration to beat it and you could be frustrated. This game also has some weight system. When you carry one weapon, you will jump lower and move slower, but when you carry two weapons you will jump much lower and move much slower. Two weapons are maximum, but I don’t really recommended. Sometimes you will need to jump and you will need to decided will you be able to jump with two weapons or maybe it’s to play safe and jump without weapons, but then you will be unarmed. Hot Guns certainly isn’t mindless game, you’ll need to use your brain a little bit. Diversity in stages automatically means diversity in the gameplay. One stage you will just jump and shoot the enemies, in the next stage you will need to runaway from the helicopter or jump over saws and rolling barrels, I mean you’re never bored in this game, at least I wasn’t.

I think you guys and girls get it, that this is a good game and fun game. I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t buy it and play it, beside it’s in Early Access, but this game certainly looks mature. In my opinion this game can only be better, because it has good foundations, groundwork and developers just need to develop it in right way and they will have a good game. I recommend this game, even if it’s in early access. For €9 you can’t be wrong with this game.


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