Launch problems for Tales of Symphonia

Fans of Jap RPG games have waited long enough for Tales of Symphonia release on the Steam, but they weren’t rewarded properly

NeoGAF user Chairmanchuck created a thread that collects thePC port’s issues (via Kotaku). Some of the problems include a resolution locked at 720p, random crashes, and exceptionally long loading times. And it only starts there.

You can see a full list of the reported issues below:

  • Locked 720p resolution
  • Incomplete and broken translations
  • Locked at 30 FPS (although some users have reported getting it to 40 FPS)
  • Brand new typos unique to the PC version
  • Uses PS3 and Xbox button icons at the same time
  • Random crashes
  • Only six save slots
  • Opening the config and save menu can take 30 seconds to load
  • Uses DRM called VMProtect that creates a new “.exe” file every time the game starts

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