Set during the fall of communism, a pocket full of marks and a new world ahead of you, take a dilapidated hunk of metal and embark on a grand journey to the territories of the former Eastern bloc.

It’s your task to keep your Jalopy running through anything that comes your way. Navigate miles and miles of tyre changing, fuel burning, carburetor busting, mud clattering terrain, through night and day, rain and shine, you’ll need to constantly adapt to whatever the procedurally generated world of Jalopy can throw at you.

Upgrade, maintain and care for your Laika 601 Deluxe motor vehicle. The journey ahead of you is not easy, keep close attention to everything from the state of your tyres, the condition of your engine, or even the space in your trunk. A well maintained car is a well performing car. Repair each aspect of your scrappy little car, install unique upgrades to deal with the changing world. Everything from cargo weight to the condition of your carburettor will determine how your car performs out of the open road. Create a car that will be forever remembered as the little machine that could.

With the fall of the wall comes a great change, a shift in the very tides of your world that will open up new markets for you to either invest in yourself and become a baron of the open roads or shy away from and keep your head down just trying to make it to your destination. Take advantage of this new capitalist world by scavenging for scraps to make quick cash, capitalise in market trade, or smuggle goods past border patrol to start earning the big money. With capitalism finally here, it’s all there for the taking.

Travel from country to country, through night and day, rain and shine to experience a procedurally generated world that is different each time you play. Relax after a long journey in the motels. Buy car parts and other unique upgrades from the Laika dealerships. Refuel and clean your car at various petrol stations scattered throughout. A whole world exists outside your car in Jalopy, and we invite you to visit every nook and cranny.

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