Introducing the Narc, Trinium Wars’ second faction

After revealing the Human faction last week, developer HanmaruSoft raises the curtain to introduce the Narc today. These Aliens may look cute with their cat-like ears, but they have undergone a harsh journey and will fight fiercely for their new planet. The brand new trailer shows off their fighting skills nicely.

They once lived on a beautiful planet in a distant galaxy. But through the centuries, generation after generation of Narc have stripped the planet of almost all resources. With the Trinium, their single source of power, depleted, the Narc set off on a long and exhausting journey to the stars. As the years passed, uncertainty grew and hope dwindled. But just as the Narc had nearly given up, they discovered planet Earth that was slowly recovering from the fallout of World War III and rich with Trinium. So the Narc settled down and used Terraforming to shape this world to their liking. But they soon realized that the deep forests were filled with danger. When Mutants that raided their settlements, Narc held their ground. But then the sound of roaring engines signaled the arrival of another enemy: Humanity, ready to reclaim their home and secure the precious Trinium for themselves.

Upon arriving in the starting area Chego, players will be greeted by unusual sights. Instead of grey, post-apocalyptic landscapes, they will explore green plains with high trees and a rich, lush flora thanks to Terraforming. The Narc’s spiritual capital is decorated with a variety of statues, mixing ancient art with modern weaponry. Thanks to the rich Trinium deposits on Earth, the Narc have regained their former strength. That alone is good reason to join their faction and help them defend their new home by all means necessary.


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