Albion Online State of the Game: February

As the much anticipated sandbox MMORPG Albion Online enters the third month of it’s Closed Beta, Sandbox Interactive has released the latest developer blog post, which describes the main development plans based on the extensive player feedback. The article describes several important changes planned for specific areas, which will be the main focus of the development team in order to fulfill some prominent community wishes:

  • Game World – in order to make the world of Albion more unique and interesting, the level design team is working on expanding the game world, improving aesthetics, developing unique player cities and aiming for more strategic depth.

  • Content – besides constantly adding new PvE and PvP locations, the team will pay extra attention to  zone frequency and distribution as well as loot reward balancing.

  • Character Progression – the aim is to improve the current character progression system by providing a clear correlation between risk and reward, offering players more strategic freedom.

  • Red Zones and Black Zones – the main goal is to clearly separate zones for guild wars over territory and zones for PvE players, in order to satisfy different player styles so that solo players can also enjoy the game without having to depend on alliances.

  • Gear – in addition to revamping the whole crafting system, developers are introducing special rare items with unique abilities.

For the full description of all the features read the full ‘State of the Game’ developer blog post here:


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